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Focused Imaging announces the addition of a new high technology open MRI. The newly added open MRI gives the most sophisticated imaging available in the healthcare industry. This new MRI machine combines advanced technology with patient comfort. The newly added open MRI complements the existing ultra high-field MRI in operation at Focused Imaging.

The new machine has a 1.2 Tesla open field magnet with state-of-the-art computer image reconstruction. This MRI gives substantially improved images over those of any other open MRI. To date, only about 100 of these high technology machines have been installed in the United States. Focused Imaging has given Yuma the highest quality medical imaging and this new MRI represents an ongoing commitment to healthcare in Yuma.

The new machine is designed for patient comfort with a 270 degree side view. This allows the patient to easily enter and exit the MRI. It more easily accommodates large patients and those with limited mobility. For pediatric patients, a parent can even be next to the child during an exam.

Medical professionals will find the new MRI valuable for diagnosing disease of the brain, spine, vascular system, joints, and internal organs.

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